Athens Itinerary

Picture courtesy of Hotel Grande Bretagne’s website

10:00 am: National Archaeological Museum of Athens

12:00 pm: Athens Fish & Meat Market / Spice Market 

1:00 pm: Lunch at Chabad of Athens 

2:00 pm: Acropolis

4:00 pm: Ancient Agora 

8:33 pm: Candle lighting

8:40 pm: Synagogue Beth Shalom

9:00 pm: Dinner at Chabad of Athens 


9:00 am:  National Gardens

10:00 am: Panathenaic Stadium

11:00 am: Temple of Olympian Zeus & Arch of Hadrian

12-1 pm: Prepared lunch in Dionysiou Areopagitou

1-3 pm: Acropolis Museum 

3:00 pm: Roman Agora

4:00 pm: Library of Hadrian

6:00 pm: Chabad of Athens leftovers

Picture Courtesy of Chabad of Athen’s website


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