Kosher Food & Wine Festival 2016

On Monday February 29th we had the pleasure of going to the Kosher Food & Wine Experience at Pier 60. Hubby arrived at the event first. While on my way to the event, I received the following texts from him – “OMG get here now” followed two minutes later by “OMG I’m in heaven.” And if we needed a slogan for this event it would be one of those aforementioned texts.

Upon entering the event we were submerged in a sea of people from all walks of life. The majority of the room was occupied by wine & mixed drink vendors.  As you picked up our glass we had the opportunity to taste wine from all over the world. Our favorite was the Chateau Fourcas Dupre by Listrac-Medoc. We highly recommend this wine.


We made our way to the food vendors since it was lunchtime and we were famished. The food vendors brought their ‘A’ game. Pomegranate was our favorite food vendor – from their cholent to their pear bisque beef bacon – all was amazing. I personally was in love with the SilverLeaf Caterers Ribollitta Hearty Tuscan Stew, which was made from leeks, kale and butternut squash.  There was an impressive alcohol-infused dessert display by Premier Ice Cream Confections however the taste was disappointing (it tasted parve).

We highly recommend this event for 2017 as the best Kosher event of the year.

Unknown Vendor

Premier Ice Cream Confections


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