London Itinerary

Hotel: W London

Picture courtesy of the W Hotel’s website

1:00 pm: Arrive at W Hotel

3-5 pm: The British Museum 

5-6 pm: The National Gallery 

6-6:15 pm: Stroll through Trafalgar Square

6:30 pm: Wild Food Cafe / Vantra Vitao

7:30 pm: House of Parliament & Big Ben 

9:00 pm: Coca-Cole London Eye

10:00 am: Buckingham Palace

11:15 am: Guards with bands start arriving

11:30 am: Official Start Time

12:00 pm: Chaning of the Guards Ceremony ends

12:15 pm: Churchill War Rooms

2:00 pm: Eat prepared sandwiches

2:15 pm: Westminster Abbey 

3:30 pm: Tower of London

5:00 pm: Walk over Tower Bridge


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