Paris in 2 Days: Part 2

Day 2 in front of the Eiffel Tower

On Day 2 of Paris we slept in until the late hour of 9am and then we were off to Notre Dame Cathedral. Like the Eiffel Tower, it’s one of the ‘must sees’ in Paris. After a while all the churches tend to look similar on the inside.

The outside is a different story – what an architectural phenomenon. And because they hold no personal symbolism to me – they all started to blur together during our European adventures. But I don’t regret going for an instant.

Inside view of Notre Dame

Outside view of Notre Dame

Next we wondered through the Jewish Quarter perusing and exploring at leisure. Followed by a mouth watering dairy meal at L’Inte Caffe, a dairy restaurant on Rue Jean Mermoz. If there were a restaurant like this in New York, I would be a weekly regular. I never knew how good food could taste until I went to France (and later Venice). We arrived a bit early for lunch and were one of a handful of people in the restaurant, but it soon became crowded as time went by. I would highly recommend getting the crème brûlée. And be French for the day – ask for wine with your lunch!

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With our bellies heavy we went to the Museum of Jewish Art and History. I have to give the Museum props for amazing security. You had to pass through a glass door individually while your bag was being scanned. It was a fortress. The museum itself was a heartwarming experience. They have a few key pieces and drawings that we had never seen before. It’s most definitely worth a visit.

Museum of Jewish Art and History: Picture depicting a circumcission

Museum of Jewish Art and History: Gravestones

Inscription on a Torah Ark at the Museum of Jewish Art and History

We headed back to the hotel to freshen up for dinner and get in a quick catnap. To wrap up the evening we went to dinner at Rafael where we were gastronomically delighted. Course after course we were just amazed – the presentation, the taste, and the service – an all around 10. The only hindrance was that we had to rely on my mediocre Hebrew to ask questions about the menu. We were stuffed to the brim after dinner, so we decided to walk some of it off by getting lost in the streets of Paris. We headed towards the Arc de Triomphe where we marveled in its craftsmanship. After snapping a few mandatory pictures and perusing a couple of shop windows we headed back to the hotel to rest our tired feet.

In front of the Arc de Triomphe


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