Restaurant Review: CoffeeBerry


Coffeeberry Homestyle Shakshuka

Last Sunday we headed over to CoffeeBerry and we were delightfully surprised. Prior to CoffeeBerry, in the same location, existed a typical run of the mill Kosher bagel place – which was great. But CoffeeBerry took it a step farther and made it into the new hot spot on the Upper West Side.

Our order: Split Avocado Salad, Avocado Toast Smash, Coffeeberry homestyle Shakshuka with Cappucino.

First and foremost, if you stop by, you must get the Avocado Toast Smash. It was out of this world! Secondly, they have such an interesting and unique menu that I could easily see us going back for more Sunday family brunch outings. We also ordered the Split Avocado Salad which was out of this world. The goat cheese was fresh and took the dish to the next level.  The Shakshuka was good – it wasn’t as amazing as a home cooked Israeli made Shakshuka – but it was good. And of course, the cappuccino was a great way to end a Sunday brunch meal. We headed out of the restaurant with our belly’s full and our legs heavy!

Split Avocado Salad

The only con to our experience was that it’s not the most baby friendly. They have high chairs which are great, but there isn’t much room for you to bring in your carriage.

We recommend you check this place out for your next Sunday brunch plans!

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