Restaurant Review: La Brochette Steakhouse

La Brochette

(5 out of 5) ★★★★★

This past December my husband surprised me with a pre-fixed catered meal at La Brochette with a dozen or so of my friends. He picked La Brochette because it is one of my all-time favorites. The atmosphere is very unlike many Kosher restaurants in New York City – where you feel both at home and relaxed.

We started off with assorted sushi platters for the table, which were part of the Chef’s selection. Every piece was better than the last. Seriously, some of the best sushi I have tasted!

Assorted Sushi Plattter

The next course was a Grilled Brochette Salad which consisted of romaine hearts, asparagus, hearts of palm, roma tomatoes and lemon vinaigrette. It was pretty damn amazing.

For the appetizers each guest has a choice between either the Short Rib Spring Rolls which consisted of slow cooked short ribs and wild mushrooms, served with BBQ ranch sauce. Or the Trilogy of Sausages which was made up of beef, lamb, and veal homemade sausages served with cous cous. Most people chose the Short Rib Spring rolls – and it was so good that I forgot to take a picture of it!

For the entrée guests had a choice of Scottish salmon, chicken marsala or black angus ribeye. Most of the men chose the Black Angus ribeye while the pescetarians amongst us chose the Scottish salmon. I personally chose the chicken marsala and it was mouth wateringly great.


Scottish Salmon consisted of pear seared filet with red wine risotto sauteed vegetables and teriyaki sauce.

Chicken Marsala consisted of sautéed chicken breast served with garlic mash potato, sautéed spinach and mushroom Marsala sauce.

Black Angus Ribeye was served with French fries and house steak sauce.

Everyone raved about their dish. And for once there were no complaints and no meals sent back to the kitchen. We hardly had room left for dessert by the time the dessert trays with tea or coffee came out. The dessert was a bit of a letdown. Parve dessert never tastes as good as dairy – but there was one chocolate dish that everyone loved.

All in all it was a perfect night filled with great food & friends. What more can a girl ask for?

Chefs Special Creation


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