Restaurant Review: Ruth’s

Ruth’s, located a twelve-minute walk from the center of Florence (aka Firenze), is the only kosher restaurant in Florence. We ended up having several meals at Ruth’s since there were no other alternatives. We knew that Florence would be different than our experience in Rome. At each meal in Rome, we would sit down to eat ready for yet another mind-altering menu selection. But even knowing that did not prepare us for Ruth’s.

Our order(s): Pasta in Tomato Sauce, Pasta del Giorno, Margarita Pizza, Tabbouleh, Apple Strudel, Vegetables, Humus

Ruth’s Restaurant

Ruth’s Restaurant

The restaurant itself is located right next to the Great Synagogue of Florence and the local Chabad. The restaurant is small and has a very quaint setup. You feel more like you are walking into your friend’s kitchen than a restaurant (which is nice!).  The chefs are not locals but rather from Asia, and it becomes apparent when tasting the food. Each dish we ate was missing that pizazz that our Rome dishes had. The food was more often than not bland and uninteresting. Each time we returned we tried to order different dishes to see if perhaps we had just ordered wrong. But we were sadly disappointed.

Margherita Pizza

Pasta in Tomato Sauce


Pasta del Giorno


Mixed Vegetables

Apple Strudel

Even the Apple Strudel which looked delicious when brought out tasted subpar!

We really wanted to love this establishment but unfortunately found it more of a necessity. If you’re visiting Florence for more than a day then you’ll most likely stop on by – and that’s okay – after all it’s the only kosher establishment and needs to be supported. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a great Italian meal, you won’t find it here.

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