Shabbat Go-To Recipes

Shabbat is supposed to be the most restful day of your week. But we know the truth! The lead up to Shabbat is anything but peaceful. Making dinner and lunch for your family and guests. Sometimes the hours before Shabbat seem more like a sprint than an unwinding of your soul.  We thought it would be helpful for you to see our Shabbat Go-To Recipes. Let’s not kid ourselves, as much as we love to try new recipes we always tend to rely on those dishes that we know are going to be yummy and will also impress our guests.

Raw Kale Salad: I don’t love making salads. That’s why this is my go-to salad all year round (despite that some might find this a seasonal dish). It’s super easy to make and is healthy and tasty.

Guacamole: I make my famous homemade recipe. It’s loved and devoured by all.

Humus: Store-bought! I’m not that good yet.

Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts: This is such an easy side dish and so delicious. The best part is it takes very little prep work!

Potato Bourekas: I should preface this by saying this dish while not difficult is time-consuming. I usually make them Thursday night in order not to get slammed on Friday before Shabbat. This is a guest favorite and everyone is always surprised that they are homemade.

Mixed Vegetables: We’ll usually take a look in the fridge and throw together a mix of vegetables for another side dish.

Salmon: Since we discovered Silan our salmon dishes have taken on a new life. We kind of tweaked this recipe – and just pour the Silan directly on the salmon and pop it in the oven. Easy as pie! (easier really, because pie is actually harder then it looks).

Chicken: The secret to easy chicken making is knowing just the right spice. My husband tends to make the meat for Shabbat. He rubs the chicken in olive oil and splashes on some Herbes De Provence. Once done he pops into the oven and walla another dish done quickly!

Baked Apples: If we’re trying to be super healthy, for dessert we will just bake apples in the oven. I place the cut up apple pieces into a cupcake tin and sprinkle with cinnamon. Pop into the oven and walla done!

Cinnamon Coffee Cake: If I have more time before Shabbat, I’ll make the more complicated cinnamon coffee cake. I love that it has natural sugar in it and is a light dessert and not overly decadent.

And just like that, you’re ready for Shabbat! Shabbat Shalom!

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