Travel Favorites!

Travel Favorites

I’ve been a collector of travel books as soon as I reached adulthood. What began with curiosity to read up on my next travel destination became an obsession with finding the right travel book. When traveling, the last thing you want to do is carry a clunky heavy book on your journey. We’ve found the below books and gadgets super useful.


We love the Rick Steves’ Pocket guides and we love his free audio tours. His books are tiny and light enough to pack and carry with you as you tour a city. They have a lot of handy features like maps and walks you can follow.


Rick Steves Pocket Venice,


Lonely Planet’s Lisbon guide.

Middle East

Frommer’s EasyGuide to Israel: We didn’t love the reviews for Rick Steves’ Israel guide so we went with this Frommer’s Guide and were delightfully pleased with it.

Travel Gear

Outlander backpack: We found this backpack while perusing options on Amazon. We liked it because it folds up and can easily be packed away when not in use.  It’s been one of our favorite travel purchases.

GoPro: The GoPro has helped us capture some amazing moments during our travels. This has turned out to be such a great purchase.

Bugxpro Bracelets: OMG these things have been such a life saver, especially nowadays with the fear of Zika virus looming over us! We wear these in buggy places and have never gotten bite. Would highly recommend.

Universal All in One International Travel Power Plug:  This is a must. Instead of having different converters we bought this universal power plug and have never looked back since.

Sleep Mask: Without this sleep mask, I wouldn’t sleep as soundly on flights and in unfamiliar hotel rooms. It’s definitely been a great help for me.


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