10 Products to Make Traveling with a Baby Easier

Traveling with a baby is no easy task. But fear not, because we have put together our top 10 favorite travel items that will help to ease you in the struggle. Because we kid you not, the struggle is real.  We’ve used every product on this list, and no we were not paid to endorse anything. Of course, you’ll need your car seat, pack and play, baby carrier and all your other gear. But hopefully, these items below will make your life just a little bit easier.

Diaper Bag – Let’s be real. When you travel with a baby you need a sturdy diaper bag and not one that just looks fashionable. We originally had THAT fashionable bag and low and behold it began to hurt our shoulders from the uneven weight of the bag. This bag though is amazing! It has a side pocket for easy access to wipes, bottles and food, and easy and accessible storage. And best of all – your hands will be free for whatever you need.

Traveling with a Baby

Car Seat Bag – It used to drive us nuts when we would go to the airport and see every red car seat bag and have to check it if it were ours. This bag is amazing quality and to boot the fun and bright colors will make sure you will be able to easily find your car seat.

Snack Cup – This is great for kids who are able to self-feed themselves a snack. Some snack cups can easily come out, but this has an ingenious cover that when closed will make sure your snack stays safe inside.

Baby Car Mirror & Sun Shade – If you’re traveling in a car then this will be a lifesaver. Constantly turning around in your car seat to take a look at your kid will start killing your neck and back. We liked this seller on Amazon because they also threw in a sun shade which we found so helpful to stop the sun from waking up our kid.

Portable High Chair  – There are a lot of bulky travel high chairs but this is great because it fits into a small bag that you can throw into your diaper bag or luggage.

Waterproof Bib – We love this bib because it provides full coverage for food splatter. Time and again with a normal bib we find food ends up on the sleeves and where it generally should not be. This is easy to use, lightweight, and spill proof.

Travel Drying Rack – Probably one of the worst parts of traveling with a toddler who still relies on bottles and sippy cups is having to wash it all. This small travel drying rack makes it a bit more bearable.

Sippy Cup – This is great for babies who are not ready to give up the bottle/sippy cup but are almost there. It is also great for travel as its spill proof. You can turn it upside down and nothing will come out.

Travel Stroller – How we ever traveled before the BabyZen Yoyo, I don’t know. This stroller is amazingly compact and lightweight. It is expensive and an investment. But if you are constantly on the go then it’s the right choice.

Mold Free Bath Toy – It’s really hard to take bath toys with you when you travel. They tend to be wet, large and bulky. But this toy is great – and bonus points for being mold free. You can actually open it up and clean it out. It’s also a great toy that your child can just play with outside the bath as well during your travels.

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