We love to travel! However,  traveling while keeping kosher sometimes seems impossible. But like Audrey Hepburn said, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible!’ We are here to venture into uncharted territory to make it possible.

We consider ourselves Modern Orthodox, although we hate having to define ourselves. And while the term ‘Modern Orthodox’ differs from peer to peer & from congregation to congregation, to us it means we are Shabbat & kosher observant but we partake in the secular world.

We have found in each other a partner in crime and adventure. Jared is the adventure junky thriving on a new adrenaline rush, fast cars, zip lines, and hiking. Candice prefers museums, learning about a city’s history and culture and warm weather. And each goes along with the other as we expand our interests & our minds.

But both love a good hardy meal and exploring the Jewish communities we visit. Part of traveling is experiencing the food and delicacies that a country has to offer. Keeping kosher doesn’t have to stop you from partaking in this travel bound ritual. So together we’ll explore the potential the world has to offer you when you travel while keeping kosher.

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