Cabo Wabo!

Cabo Wabo! My husband and I won a free (yes, FREE!) trip to Cabo and we were super excited to go. But like most exotic and end of the earth places – there is no kosher food there. Thank goodness for Chabad of Cabo. While we brought much of our own snacks and lunches we purchased four double tinfoil wrapped meals from Chabad for $30 apiece. What we didn’t expect was such large portions! The maître d’hotel at one of the restaurants at the Riu Cabo Resort dutifully warmed up our meals each night. One meal could have easily been split between the two of us. After several days of tuna fish & peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, a warm Chabad meal hit the spot!  Yum yum! 

Aerial view of the Cabo coast line

The Riu Cabo Resort’s pool at night

The hotel was less desirable than the pictures online. And I think that’s probably much of the case with all of these all inclusive places. Being that they are all inclusive doesn’t really make it more desirable to individuals who keep kosher. It felt more like spring break for adults than a relaxing hotel. That may have been due to the steady and constant flow of free alcohol.

My husband, which if you’ve been following this blog, is somewhat of an adventure adrenaline junky and I’m his wing woman. When you think of Cabo, you probably think of sun, beach, and relaxation. And while our trip did include all three we had to include some adrenaline infused activities.

On Friday afternoon we were able to squeeze in some flyboarding with Cabo Flyboard. What a rush! This is a must for all my adventure junkies out there!  It took about 10 minutes to get used to and then we were pros soaring over the water as we pretended to be superman, with only a few belly flops!

On Sunday we filled our day with zip lining, rock climbing and ATV riding with Cabo Adventures. We were told it only rains eight times a year in Cabo. Lucky for us we were able to experience the rarity of rain in Cabo. But no need to despair, according to our zip lining instructors, rain actually makes you go faster when zip lining. And while our group members feasted on warm quesadillas at the end of our long day, we feasted on…you guessed it…peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. 

Mid-break from hiking to the next zip line

On Monday morning we found out our flight had been changed and had a seven hour layover in Mexico City. Seizing opportunity by the throat once we landed, we set out to explore Mexico City as best we could. We went to the beating heart of Mexico City – Zocalo – the Plaza de la Constitucion (Constitution Square), where we perused the book fair happening that day & wondered aimlessly and joyously through the streets. With our bellies empty and our pockets full we caught an Uber ride to Gaucho Grill, a thirty minute drive from the square. (Note: Use Uber in Mexico City, it’s much cheaper than a cab!)

Aerial view of Mexico City

It was the best decision of our Mexico City trip. And it was amazing! There aren’t many kosher restaurants in Mexico City, but if you are nearby Gaucho Grill, then you have to check it out. Some of the reviews online talk about poor service of the staff, but that was far from our experience. At one point we had three individuals (two waiters and the maître de) trying to help us choose what dishes to get. We ordered the xx and xx and xx. The xx alone could have easily fed two of us. The portion sizes were HUGE! And for dessert we ordered the Cookie Monster. Absolutely delicious! We left with our bellies full and our pockets empty.

Empanada Mondays!

Cookie Monster


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