Our Favorite NYC Restaurants

When you think of NYC you think of boundless kosher restaurants to nosh your way through. But being a native New Yorker I feel like my options are limited. And while we try to save money by not going out to restaurants as much, we still want to get our money’s worth when we do go out. So for all my visiting travelers who will be heading over to one of the best cities in the world – you’ll find a list of my favorite restaurants below as well as WHY they are my favorite.

First and foremost – for a full list of kosher restaurants in NYC check out this site by clicking here. I like it because they give the hechser.


Prime KO – This is kind of the go to place for business meetings in NYC and there is a reason for that. Because if you want to impress someone who doesn’t keep kosher this is the place you take them. And the food is magnificent. Try their sushi – it will take you to a whole new level.

Picture courtesy of Prime KO website

La Brochette – Mouthwatering, finger licking good. It was a gastronomical experience eating here. My wallet wasn’t too happy about it but my stomach was very pleased. I would reserve La Brochette for that fancy meeting or for that very special occasion. The ambience is beautiful and the service was amazing. We actually took our non-Jewish friends here and they loved it. When was the last time you could take your friends to a kosher restaurant and wow them?

Picture courtesy La Brochette website

Mike’s Bistro – It’s on par with La Brochette. I think the ambiance is nicer at La Brochette but the food is equally as tasty. What I especially loved about this place was that the chef was making the rounds and talking to the guests. And he was looking for ways to improve upon & enhance the menu. The next time we came back the food got better. So they are constantly improving upon already great food.

Picture courtesy of Mike’s Bistro website

Amsterdam Burger – If you are craving a burger then Amsterdam Burger is the place for you. They have amazing burgers & you know it’s amazing when all your friends rave to you how much they love Amsterdam Burger. The restaurant tends to be very crowded. So don’t go here if you’re looking for a meaningful conversation. Go here if you are looking to roll up your sleeves and have a greasy burger with a side of heaven.

Picture courtesy of Amsterdam Burger’s Facebook page

Mocha Burger – This is a new favorite place of mine. I can promise you, you will not leave hungry from here! This is also not a place for you if you are avoiding carbs & meat. Get the Funghi burger! It’s a melt in your mouth-deliciousness-type-of-burger.

Clockwise left: BLT Burger, Oreo Crunch, Buffalo Lollies, Funghi Burger, & Salted Caramel


Va Bene – While there is no kosher dairy restaurant in Manhattan that I personally think is as mouthwatering as this one in Venice. I would say Va Bene is the best of the dairy kosher restaurants in Manhattan. The ambiance is nice & the staff is prompt. Personally I love the Insalata Azzurra on the menu.


Sushi Fussion – I love, love, love sushi. Did I mention I love sushi? I’ve found that this is somewhat of a hidden gem in New York. Not many of my New Yorker kosher friends knew much about it before I filled them in. And while there is better sushi to be found at restaurants like Prime KO, i find my appetite and my wallet satiated when I order from here. You should note they are delivery only. So on those nights you find yourself craving sushi but don’t want to go out then this is a safe bet – well, that is if you are within the delivery zone.

Picture courtesy of Sushi Fussion website


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