Restaurant Review: My Most Favorite Food

My Most Favorite Food

Fruit Salad & Eggs

We headed to My Most Favorite Food a couple of Sundays ago for brunch with friends who don’t keep kosher/are not Jewish. My Most Favorite Food is always a good go-to place for Sunday brunch. They all enjoyed it (which always says something about a kosher restaurant!) We ordered a shmorgishborg of food to share.

Their field green salad is a great option if you are looking for something light with a sweet kick. And of course, you cannot go wrong with the Challah French Toast or any of their eggs dishes. There is something seriously out of this world with their tomato side dish that comes with any of their egg dishes. It’s so juicy and tasty! And of course, don’t forget to get yourself a mimosa on your Sunday brunch!

Field Green Salad

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