Restaurant Review: Izzy’s Brooklyn Smokehouse

Dino Ribs

Candied Sweet Potato & French Fries

We recently went to Izzy’s, a Brooklyn smokehouse, based in Crown Heights. While it’s a schlep and a half from Manhattan, it was well worth the drive. Their menu is pretty simple, which makes for a better experience. Instead of being inundated with ‘what should we order!?’, their bare bones menu allows you to focus in on what meaty delight would smoke your world.

Our order: Dino Ribs, Brisket, Candied Sweet Potato, French Fries, & House Slaw

Their Dino Ribs and Brisket were out of this world. And their Candied Sweet Potato and French Fries were amazing. If you happen to be in the Crown Heights area, it is absolutely worth a stopover for dinner.

Dino Ribs, Briskey & House Slaw

Gombo’s Bake Shop

The night was a warm October night. After dinner, we walked around and explored the area. We happened to come upon Gombo’s Bake Shop nearby with its wide assortment of mouthwatering baked goods. We ordered a chocolate chip cookie for the go and ate it within minutes of leaving the store.

All in all the night was a gastronomical success and we went home satiated from our night out in Brooklyn.

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