Restaurant Review: Riverdale K Grill House

Riverdale K Grill House

(3 out of 5) ★★★

The Shabbat after New Years’ we visited friends in Riverdale. We headed over to Riverdale K Grill House Motza’ei Shabbat to experience the fine dining Riverdale has to offer. We started off with two hot appetizers; the manti – steamed lamb dumplings with onion and spices and the samsa – homemade flaky meat pies with moist lamb, onion and spices. If you walk away from this article with anything – it’s that you MUST try these two dishes. Two people can split one dish of each, but no more. And truth be told it was so good we gobbled it up quickly and forgot to take a picture of it.

We ordered a variety of beers to go with our dinner and we all agreed it was a good selection. So definitely try out their beer!

I ordered the creamy split pea soup that was super tasty after I added some much needed salt. It was also quite filling. I probably could have gone home after that with a full belly. But never one to shy away from trying something new I soldiered on.

Hubby ordered the Special K-Grill House Burger Deluxe, which included lettuce, tomato, onion, and the house special BBQ sauce. You know the burger is not good when the fries are the best part. The bread was a bit too hard and flaky and the burger itself did not have any taste.

I ordered the K-Lagman dish, which is marinated beef with homemade noodles. Luckily, by time I got to this dish I wasn’t ravenous and only took a couple of bites. The beef just tasted off and the noodles were nothing special. I understand this is more of an ethnic dish, but it was not to my liking. If we were to return here we would probably stick to less ethnic and more basic dishes.


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