San Francisco By Two

In between jobs this past July, I tagged along with my husband to San Francisco where he was attending a conference. I was super excited for San Francisco. I had envisioned New York but much more chill with warmer weather.

We landed early in the morning and dropped our stuff off at the W San Francisco Hotel. It’s definitely a nice hotel but no where in the realm of the W hotels in Europe.

Off we ubered (Uber is great there!) to the Japanese Tea Garden as it came highly recommended. I think most people go there because they see the picture below (insert bridge pic) and think it’s going to be awesome. It’s meh and not worth the special trip. It takes maybe 15 minutes to walk through. So I’d recommend a pass on this one. We left feeling unimpressed and went to grab lunch at a vegan restaurant called The Flying Falafel. The food tasted slightly better than ash in my mouth. They have a small table outside the restaurant that seats four. A homeless man came up to my husband and asked if he was going to drink his second bottle of water that was meant for me. Make this one a pass if you eat at vegan restaurants. The only good thing about this restaurant was the mural across from it.

Mural across from The Flying Falafel

The bridge at the Japanese Tea Garden

With another disappointment in our back pocket we were off to Fort Point & the Golden Gate bridge. It was a huge pain to get out there. But I’m glad we went because the Golden Gate bridge is truly breathtaking. We got dropped off at Fort Point which throughout the Civil War had artilleryman guarding it for an enemy that never came. We took the prerequisite photos and started walking up a trail to a higher vantage point. It was worth the schlep. The view was even better form up higher (obviously). We didn’t walk or bike across the bridge, but I’d recommend it on a clear and windless day.

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Us in front of the Golden Gate Bridge

Modeling fail while being silly

Jet lagged and tired my husband and I met up with a high school friend of his who works for a tech company (shhhh). We went to another vegan restaurant, this one called Gracias Madre. Like most restaurants in San Francisco, they won’t take reservations. The wait was a good 30 to 45 minutes. And then when they finally seat you you’re sharing a table with several people. Talk about a bit awkward! We sat down tired and exhausted and just happy to be somewhere warm with food. Our seat mates were kind and offered us some of their food while we waited for ours to arrive. Finally the food arrived and again I could feel disappointment swishing in my mouth but this time it was spicy. Another suggested pass. You’re better off renting a car and heading to Oakloand Kosher Foods for some prepared food.

Helpful Hint; Check out Oakland Kosher Foods for ready made sandwiches and all around goodness!


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