San Francisco By One

San Francisco saw me on my own while my husband was hard at work. I tend to get overzealous when traveling and figured since the day was mine to enjoy, I could have a jam packed itinerary. My intended itinerary was to arrive at the De Young Museum at 9:30 AM. I ended up arriving at 9:00 AM and hung out in Golden Gate Park. Honestly, I didn’t venture far from the museum as my Uber driver warned me against it and it seemed a bit confusing (probably how Central Park seems to tourists). Only after arriving at the museum did I realize it was right next door to the Japanese Tea Garden. I had a Homer Simpson “DOH” moment when I realized Jared and I could have done them both the day before. So if you have a deep desire to go to the Japanese Tea Garden you might as well couple it with the De Young Museum to get a bit of education in for the day.

Helpful Hint: If you’re going to the De Young Museum, make sure to also check out the Japanese Tea Garden next door!

Finally 9:30 AM arrived and I entered and wondered at leisure. It’s a great museum. I got reprimanded a couple of times to carry my backpack instead of wearing it (they’re afraid you’re going to knock something down). It took me an hour and a half to go through the collections. It started to get a bit more crowded by that time and I was ready to be outside exploring in the beautiful weather.

Salvador Dali: Enid Haldorn (1948)

Edward Ruscha: A Particular Kind of Heaven (1983)


I called an Uber and had him drop me off at Lombard Street. It took me only a few minutes to walk down and take the iconic picture below. I’m a born and raised New Yorker so at this point I chose to walk the remainder of my trip.

View of Lombard Street from the bottom

Helpful Hint: Take an Uber! It’s super cheap in San Francisco! 

I headed towards Ghirardelli Square to see where all the chocolate action is. This is a great place for kids and for gifts for your favorite loved one (or for me, I’ll always accept chocolate gifts). And of course I got my chocolate fill. Five pounds heavier I waddled to Fisherman’s Walk & Pier 39. The only thing that impressed me at Fisherman’s Walk were a bunch of old men in their speedos taking a polar bear plunge.  Unfortunately I did not get a picture of it. And I’m sure you have no interest in seeing that. Fisherman’s Walk was a South Street Seaport wannabe but with tacky novelty stores. I did love watching the seals at Pier 39 (I’m really just a child at heart). There was another shopping center next to Pier 39 that was a lot less kitchy than Fisherman’s Walk. I actually picked up a cute hamsa bracelet from a jewelry store called Bliss.

Helpful Hint: Check out additional suggestions in our

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Ghirardelli Square entrance

Lunch for one

Seals at Pier 39

I met up with my husband, his boss, and his fiance for dinner at Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar & Izakaya. After all the mediocre vegan meals I had eaten in San Francisco, I fully expected this one to be no different. Happily, it was AMAZING and totally worth the visit if you eat at vegan restaurants. Surprise, surprise, they don’t take reservations but luckily the wait was no more than five to ten minutes. So finally I went to bed with my tummy full of goodness.


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